How to Know if You’ve Chosen a Reputable Snow Removal Company

Minneapolis Commercial Snow Removal

Picking companies and contractors to do work on your commercial property always feels a little scary…especially for the big jobs. But with enough research, you can almost always be sure you’ve chosen a reputable company before they even start the job. When it comes to snow removal in Minnesota, you’ve got a very important choice to make. Improper or shoddy snow removal can really cost you!

Watch for the red flags listed below when considering a commercial snow removal contractor.

1. They give you a cookie cutter plan.

Your property and its needs are unique, so your snow removal plan should also be unique. There should be different plans for an inch of snow overnight versus 6 inches of snow starting at 10 am. A reputable snow removal company will come out to your property to assess it and create a plan specific to it.

2. They don’t offer emergency response.

Emergencies happen. Pipes burst, small storms become big ones, ice forms on sidewalks without warning. If your snow removal company does not offer a 24/7 emergency phone number, you might be “left out in the cold” should an emergency occur.

3. They can’t back up their claims with testimonials.

A reputable snow removal company will have testimonials to back up their claims about how reliable they are. Make sure to read through some testimonials to find out why/how other people have found success working with the company. If possible, see if you can find a testimonial or recommendation from someone with a property of similar size to yours.

4. They don’t tell you what happens if equipment breaks down.

No matter how well you service a piece of equipment, breakdowns happen. What’s the company’s plan should a crucial snow blower or truck break down during a snow event? Is there a backup? Where is that backup located? How long will your service be delayed should something like this happen? Companies should be open and honest with you about how they handle these situations.

At Interstate Companies, we make unique snow removal plans for each property we work on, we offer 24/7 emergency response, we have many testimonials, and our equipment is all owned by us with backups nearby. Ready to find out more about us and what we can do for your property? Request a free snow removal estimate today!