Commercial Snow Removal Services

By combining our extensive capabilities in commercial snow plowing, sidewalk service, liquid and granular de-icing, snow relocation, and snow melting, Interstate develops custom, comprehensive snow management plans based on your unique needs. We’ve created many snow management programs for commercial and retail businesses across the Twin Cities Metro area.

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Snow Plowing Service

Interstate has the quality and quantity of snow plowing equipment and the professional staff to handle the largest and most demanding sites in the Twin Cities. We dedicate specific snow plow crews and equipment to your property, which equals efficiency and reliability. You’ll have peace of mind knowing we have both the tools and experience to manage the safety needs of your property.

Sidewalk Service

The Interstate Sidewalk Services Division is dedicated exclusively to maintenance and snow removal for site walkways and entry areas. Our crews are trained to eliminate any hazardous condition such as snow and ice. After clearing sidewalks, crews apply eco-friendly, long-lasting deicing material.

Deicing Service

Interstate uses a superior granular deicer that is ideal for roadway and sidewalk ice control. Each of our trucks carries more than 9 tons of this superior granular deicer, allowing us to spend more time deicing and less time refilling. For best results, our trucks are also equipped with plows to scrape frozen snow before the de-icing process begins.

Snow Relocation Service

The big snowfall can hit with little warning. When it does, you can count on Interstate snow relocation services to keep your site safe and accessible. We keep the necessary resources on hand around the clock for prompt snow removal and relocation.

Snow Melting Service

Interstate Removal’s snow melter machines are the newest and best performing snow melters in the upper Midwest. One of our machines can melt up to 600 yards of snow per hour at an average cost of $2.50 per yard. In comparison, you would need 15 20-yard dump trucks hauling 2 rounds per hour at an average cost $95.00 per hour to move the same amount of snow!