Commercial Deicing Service

Interstate uses a superior granular deicer that is ideal for roadway and sidewalk ice control. Our supply is unlimited and is shipped by rail to our distribution center located just north of the Twin Cities. This product is minimally harmful to the environment. Research has shown that this product is lower in corrosive action to aluminum, steel and paints than many conventional salt-based deicers and is effective to zero degrees F. Each of our trucks carries more than 9 tons of this superior granular deicer, allowing us to spend more time de-icing and less time refilling. For best results, our trucks are also equipped with plows to scrape frozen snow before the de-icing process begins.
  • Avoid black ice! A thin layer of ice over asphalt can cause a liability nightmare.
  • To ensure salt is effective, crews scrape all frozen snow off  before de-icing begins.
  • Even small accumulations of ice can be dangerous to motorists and pedestrians.
  • Responsible, proactive de-icing plans save thousands in injury and work comp claims.

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