Sidewalk Snow Removal Service

sidewalk serviceThe Interstate Sidewalk Services Division is dedicated exclusively to maintenance, snow removal, and de-icing for site walkways and entry areas.

Our crews are trained to eliminate any hazardous condition such as snow and ice, and because they are on the front line and the face of our company. Courtesy and respect are as much a part of the job as is the task at hand.

Did you know?

  • 90% of walkway injuries happen with less than 1 inch of snow
  • Proper sidewalk snow removal and deicing service reduces liability and subsequently lowers insurance rates
  • Winter storms can happen at any time; our crews are ready to respond 24/7
  • After clearing sidewalks, crews apply eco-friendly, long-lasting deicing material
  • With employee safety in mind, we service behind buildings, fire access areas and loading docks

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