At Interstate Companies, we understand what’s required to successfully meet our clients’ objectives. It takes careful listening, close attention to detail and a constant eye on safety – plus demanding top-notch work from ourselves, each and every day.

We’ve consistently applied these measures to earn a strong base of loyal customers across Minnesota. If you’d like a list of references or referrals, please contact us; we’d be happy to provide them.

Interstate Companies is our snow removal contractor, they did an excellent job of keeping our parking lots and sidewalks clear of snow and ice. They did a great job of anticipating our needs and completing the needed work in a timely manner. They always followed up to make sure we were in good shape. We are a 24/7 operation and Interstate was able to give us great service while working around our constant traffic. Interstate was able to respond very quickly when we requested additional services beyond standard tasks.

- Cathy B., Honeywell - Minneapolis, MN

I just got off the telephone with the Manager of Rainbow, she is going with the assumption that snow is over with and wanted me to know that the crew this year did an EXCEPTIONAL JOB with the snow and ice removal. She was really pleased!

- Julie L., Inland Commercial Property Mgmt. - Woodbury, MN

Interstate Companies has worked with us for over 9 years now. They began as a snow contractor with one property and with their excellent work performance and customer service, they now do several of our properties with snow, sweeping, concrete work, asphalt and striping. Interstate Companies always gives red carpet services whether it is a very small job or a large job. When advice is needed, Interstate is the first people to call for consulting, with their honesty and fairness, there are never any surprises. When Interstate is awarded a project, we have the peace of mind to know the project will be completed correctly with quality material and good workmanship.

- Patty H., Inland Commercial Property Mgmt. - Woodbury, MN

I would like to pass on how impressed I was with some of your employees the other day. They were on site doing asphalt work and not only were they working hard in extreme heat, but they were courteous of people and cars around them. Each time a car or person went past their work area they would temporarily pause what they were doing to make sure there was no safety issues with the people passing by. I was very impressed by this as I see contractors of all kinds totally disregard their surroundings in an effort to get things done as fast as possible. When I got out of my vehicle to tell them thanks, they treated me like I was their own boss, not knowing me from any other person driving by. They were very professional and polite.

The same can be said about your snow crews as well. They always get things done by the time scheduled and in the best shape that anyone could ask for. I really appreciate knowing that Interstate is plowing a site and I do not have to worry if, or when, my lots will be plowed. Each year Interstate Snow Removal gets me competitive bids and follows that up with top notch service.

Please tell your crew thanks and good work.

- Ryan B., Kraus-Anderson Realty Company - Eden Prairie, MN

OJ, just thought I would drop you a line regarding the snow, rain & sleet event this week. Your staff did an absolute wonderful job! I understand that Interstate takes pride in doing things right the first time but in this case it was not only the right thing it was the planning and the execution of the work that made it all come together.  You all did it right and did it at the right time. Many thanks to all!

- L.H., Lockheed Martin - Eagan, MN

Just a quick note to let you know that I am retiring…last day in the office is May 1. I also want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you and your team…office, snow removal, asphalt / concrete repair … everyone is very responsive and helpful. But, it all starts with you. I really appreciate how you worked with me and always responded to my concerns (which were few) quickly.

- T. J., Prudential - Plymouth, MN

We here at Minikahda in St. Louis Park would like to thank you and your crew for the wonderful job they did handling the storm. Our site was left on Monday with some detailing work left to do and when I came in Tuesday morning the entire site looked great and was as accessible as we need for our customers. After such a large snowfall it was nice to see our grounds handled in such a thorough, timely, manner.

Thanks again!

- Project Manager, Minikahda Storage - St Louis Park, MN

I’ve worked with Interstate for snow plowing and snow removal of a 80 acre site I manage and have used them to do cement and asphalt work at the property. Always very pleased with their professionalism and dedication to getting the job done, and done right. Always fulfill their commitment and provide excellent services.

- Thomas H., Prudential - Plymouth, MN

I would like to commend you and your team for doing such a great job of maintaining the parking lot and sidewalks here at NCPO. Even with the severe ice from yesterday the parking lot and sidewalks were free and clear and safe to walk on this morning. Thank you for all your efforts!

- Judith B Campbell, Prudential - Plymouth, MN

Interstate Companies has been an outstanding partner in assisting us in with snow removal. We retained their services three years ago, and with their help, we redesigned the removal and off-site hauling program saving us more than 20% annually. It has been an outstanding relationship.

- Keith Anderson, CBRE - Maple Grove, MN