The Interstate Sidewalk Services Division is dedicated exclusively to maintenance and snow removal for site walkways and entry areas. Our crews are trained to eliminate any hazardous conditions such as snow and ice. Our sidewalk team is on the front line and the face of our company, courtesy and respect are as much a part of the job as is the task at hand.


  • 50+ company employed sidewalk crews
  • Latest and most advanced equipment and tools
  • Liquid pre-treating and anti-icing solutions
  • After clearing sidewalks, crews apply eco-friendly, long-lasting deicing material to prevent ice accumulation post-event 
  • MPCA Minnesota “Smart Salting” trained and certified
  • Crews are E-verified and drug tested


  • Proper sidewalk snow removal and deicing service reduces liability and subsequently lowers insurance rates
  • The average slip and fall settlement can cost a company upwards of $50,000. Professional sidewalk maintenance is a small price to pay to keep your staff, customers, and tenants safe
  • By Minnesota law it is the responsibility of the property owner to have cleared sidewalks and walkways free of snow and ice? In addition to having clear walk ways, it is also the responsibility of the property owner to have the area around fire hydrants clear.