The Interstate team was called to Office Depot in Plymouth, Minnesota to replace a leaking gate valve on the main water line. Our crews removed 5 inches of asphalt and dug 8 feet deep to expose the leak. A new gate valve and section of water main pipe was installed completing this repair.

Did you know that West of I-694 the soil is very acidic? Acidic soil leads to rusting on bolts causing the bolts to break off due to high pressure and in turn, is one of the large causes of main water breaks. After the main water line was restored, our team back filled the affected area and compacted all new and existing soils, we then installed 5″ of new asphalt completing the restoration. Time from initial site survey to finished repair and restoration was less than 48 hours.

We are proud to offer 48-hour restoration to our clients and customers to ensure their facility is left looking better than it did we found it, and this job is no exception. Check out the final restoration in the photo below!