Professional Commercial Snow Plowing Service

Interstate has the quality and quantity of commercial snow plowing equipment and the professional staff to handle the largest and most demanding sites in the Twin Cities. You will have peace of mind knowing we have both the experience and tools to manage and maintain the unique safety and liability needs of your property. Interstate dedicates site-specific crews and equipment to your facility resulting in highly efficient processes and extreme reliability. In the event of an unforeseen breakdown during blizzard conditions, backup equipment is readily available. No matter how big the snow and ice event, with our snow and ice management team, your property will be cleared, de-iced, and safe before your staff, customers, employees, or tenants.

See Snow Plowing Service Status in Real-Time Online

What sets us apart from other commercial snow plowing companies in Minnesota in addition to owning and operating our own equipment? When you choose Interstate as your commercial snow plowing company, we will set you up with a personal login to our interactive client management system, The Tempus System. The Tempus System was designed in 201o with the goal of providing our clients with real-time, live service updates. Continually updated since 2010, with just a web connection, you’ll be able to easily see when your property is being serviced, communicate with our team, and review costs from anywhere in the world.

Not only does Tempus provide live updates on site conditions, but The Tempus System also houses client invoices with detailed descriptions of work completed making processing and paying invoices easy. Curious about the weather forecast? Never miss a flake, In Tempus you can check the weather provided to us by our on staff meteorologist. Need to request service? Contact our area managers directly our Tempus System or mobile app. New to the 2021 snow season, submit a service request through Tempus utilizing our GPS pinged photo messaging technology. The mobile Tempus app allows a user to take a photo of an area that needs service, the photo is automatically is submitted to our management team and call center allowing a quick response to the exact GPS location.

Communication Guarantee

An Interstate employee answers our phone 24/7. Don’t want to talk?  Enter a service request and communicate through our industry leading Tempus System. With multiple layers of backup, we have the people and technology to respond to every service request. No matter what your preferred means of communication, you can rest assured, if you’re in need of our services, Interstate will never leave you out in the cold.