At Interstate Companies, owning our 500+ equipment fleet allows us increased efficiency, flexibility, and operational control. In addition to having our fleet right in our backyard ready for our next project and always available to us, our skilled crew members are experts at operating the equipment they run. Our operators are trained on best work practices and safety precautions to ensure we exceed your expectations.


At Interstate Companies, our equipment is serviced, maintained, and repaired right here at our headquarters in Forest Lake, Minnesota and our facility in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our in house mechanics are meticulous and skilled at managing and maintaining our fleet ensuring each piece of equipment at your property or job site has been given a thumbs up by the best of the best. After each snow and ice event, excavation job, emergency service repair, or pavement maintenance project, our equipment is cleaned, safety checked, and tuned up so it is ready for the next assignment.

Environmentally Friendly


Interstate Companies currently assists many of its clients with environmental consulting and LEED certification requirements. It is our mission to provide safe and reliable service using environmentally responsible methods.

Interstate’s Green Initiative: To assist and provide our clients with environmentally sensitive building exterior and hardscape management practices that provide a clean, well-maintained, and safe building exterior while supporting high-performance building operations. These operations also qualify for LEED credit if properly implemented and reported.

How We Do It: Whenever possible, Interstate Companies utilizes environmentally friendly products, materials, and equipment. One example is replacing conventional snow relocation equipment with a snow melting system that removes the need for high-emission dump trucks and loading equipment. It also removes the need for multiple pieces of heavy equipment that create additional damage to parking surfaces and emit high decibel sound levels. Our SND 1800 snow melter operates at 70 dB (quieter than a lawnmower) and has a filtration system that removes trash, debris, and harmful chemicals from melted snow, and greatly reduces emissions.