Let’s Talk Snow Melting!

Did you know that snow melting reduces snow hauling cost as much as 40% compared to off-site hauling? If you are paying for snow relocation, there is a better option. Interstate Companies modern fleet of snow melting machines to combat snow and ice are the best preforming and advanced snow melting machines in the Midwest. On site snow melting has numerous benefits. Not only does snow melting save money and time, but it provides facility and campus ample space for parking, or even in the case of The Kansas City Chief’s at Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Cheifs a safe place to play! The Interstate crew had the pleasure of melting snow off the field at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City after an extreme snow and ice storm covered the field and every seat in stadium with snow and ice. The Interstate crew trailed our top of the line snow melting machine to Kansas City and removed 6 inches of snow and ice across a surface of 57,600 square feet, equivalent to 1.32 acers of snow!

We are proud to provide commercial snow removal and commercial snow melting services to stadiums, hospitals, commercial corporations, shopping facilities, college campuses, and more! With an average of about 44 inches here in Minnesota, 46 inches a snow a year in our neighbor Wisconsin, and about 61 inches in Michigan, the Midwest has many snowflakes fall that need to be melted. We are here to help with all of your snow removal needs.

There are numerous benefits to snow melting services as an alternative to a standard snow removal operation. As we enter 2022, our world is continuously going green, and Interstate Companies is no exception. We are ecstatic to lead the industry snow melting services while also being conscious of the environmental impacts.

Interstate’s Green Initiative: Let’s Go Green! 

Interstate’s Green Initiative is to assist and provide our clients with environmentally sensitive building exterior and hardscape management practices that provide a clean, well-maintained, and safe building exterior while supporting high-performance building operations. These operations also qualify for LEED credit if properly implemented and reported.

Interstate Companies currently assists many of its clients with environmental consulting and LEED certification requirements. It is our mission to provide safe and reliable service using environmentally responsible methods.

How Do We Do It, You Ask?

Outdoor maintenance equipment can consume large amounts of fossil fuels, generate high levels of emissions, and are often very noisy. We replace conventional snow relocation equipment with a snow melting machine that removes the need for high-emission dump trucks. It also removes the need for multiple pieces of heavy equipment that create additional damage to parking surfaces and emit high decibel levels.

Let’s look at our TRECAN 135 PD Snow Melter. This portable snow melting machine melts up to 700 yards per hour with ease. The TRECAN 135 PD high performance snow melter reduces liability on site with less equipment and eliminates asphalt and concrete damaging truck convoys. In addition to eliminating damage to asphalt and concrete, it eliminates the exhaust emissions associated with trucking convoys. While melting up to 70 yards of snow per hour, our snow melter filters the water as it passes through and greatly reduces the number of pollutants entering storm drains. An additional benefit to melting snow at your property or campus is that with snow melting, we are able to control runoff of melting snow properly. We direct the filtered melted snow into the storm water system opposed to putting the melted snow in the lakes, rivers, and aquifers. While melting snow, you will barely even notice we are there! We have a very quiet snow melting operation. Our snow melting machines operate at less than 70 dB which allows for both day snow melting and night snow melting. Fun fact: 70 dB is about as loud as a vacuum cleaner. Night snow melting or day time snow melting, we have you covered.

Check Out Our Fleet of Snow Melting Equipment:


With our ramp snow melter, Interstate Companies is able to navigate into places like parking ramps, which have weight and/or size restrictions.  With this Ramp Melter snow melter machine, we are able to melt snow in areas that no others can. Melting in a garage can be congested, but with our portable snow melter we are able to safety relocate snow both day and night to ensure your normal business hours and operation are not disturbed.

  • Melts up to 14 (200yds) dump truck loads of snow per hour

  • Equipment mobility results in cost savings and efficiency

  • Reduces snow hauling cost as much as 40% compared to off-site hauling

  • Eliminates asphalt and concrete damaging truck convoys

  • Reduces liability and increases safety due to less equipment working on site

  • Eliminates large snow piles on the property resulting in more parking spaces


This heavy-duty snow melter allows maximum snow melting efficiency to clear large areas quickly. Saving you time and money, your parking lot or facility will be cleared faster so you can get back to work without the hassle of snow piles or trucks coming and going continually.

  • Melts up to 40 (600yds) dump truck loads of snow per hour

  • Equipment mobility equals cost savings and efficiency

  • Reduces snow hauling cost as much as 40% compared to off-site hauling

  • Eliminates asphalt and concrete damaging truck convoys

  • Reduce liability through much less equipment working on site

  • Eliminates snow piles on property removing the need for de-icing due to freeze-thaw


    • Performance- 700 yds per hour

    • Portable

    • High performance

    • Eliminates asphalt and concrete damaging truck convoys

    • Reduce liability through much less equipment working on site

    • Eliminates snow piles on property removing the need for de-icing due to freeze-thaw

Weighting The Costs: To Melt Snow Or To Haul Snow

Now that you are a snow melting expert, lets talk cost of snow melting. Snow melting saves money and time. Lets look at the SND 100 snow melter, for example. The SND snow melter can melt up to 600 yards of snow per hour with an average cost of $2.50 per yard. To compare, you would need 15 20-yard dump trucks hauling 2 loads of snow per hour at an average cost of $95.00 per hour to move the same amount of snow. The typical cost of snow dumping is an additional $20.00 per truckload of snow.

  • Trucking Costs are $1,350 per hour

  • Snow dump fees are $600.00 for 30 loads of snow

  • Snow dozer for pushing up snow piles are $150.00 per hour

Total trucking cots is $2,100.00 compared to the cost of snow melting being $1,200.00 with a total snow melting savings of 42% with a dollar amount of $900.00

Our Snow Removal Mission:

Interstate Companies prides itself on safe snow melting to keep our clients and their customers, staff, and tenants safe. Inquire today about snow melting or snow and ice removal with us to keep your facility free of snow and ice.

We operate on the rule of thumb that if it’s impractical to haul your snow or relocate the snow, or your facility is in need of more parking spaces, it is time to melt. Contrary to popular belief, with snow dump space in the Midwest diminishing and becoming more expensive, it often makes more sense both logically and financially to melt snow on site. Our snow melting machines use fewer emissions, eliminates potential damage to facilities, and filters out debris and chemicals before placing the water into a storm water system. Plus, when you partner with Interstate Companies, your snow will be melted by one of the newest snow melters on the market.

Check out this article from The Twin Cities Pioneer Press Interviewing Interstate Companies on the cost of snow melting. Thank you for having us Twin Cities Pioneer Press!

For more information, send us an email at info@interstatepm.com or  give us a call at 651-765-0765. Our experienced team is ready to assit you!